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Benita Conde: Life Coach and Founder of Create Radical Love.

“That was purely a belief holding me back. Our thoughts and our feelings are not real. They are ever flowing, and shifting, and changing. They are beautiful, and wonderful, and our imagination obviously creates (and those limiting and lacking beliefs) create a catalyst for us to create change. And for us to move forward. The limiting and lacking beliefs are the key component to keeping people anyone back from what they really desire. That loved, flowing life.”

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Esther Wojcicki: Leading educator, Author, Journalist, Mother of a PhD and two Silicon Valley CEOs.

Esther discusses techniques from her new book How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results. Esther knows a thing or three about parenting. On the show Esther talks about building trust, how success is tied to delaying gratification, and shares her advice for retirement. We also discuss how children benefit from grit and the difference between Western and Eastern children when it comes to overcoming adversity.

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Daniele Bolelli: Author, Martial Artist, Host of the History on Fire Podcast.

Daniele is an author, college professor, historian, martial artist, and host of the “History on Fire” podcast. As a huge history fan, I love Daniele’s show since it’s mostly about heroes, warriors, and leadership. Our conversation is focused on how we can become the best versions of ourselves. We talk about how to live a heroic life, bravery, wisdom, passion, discuss larger than life characters (like Crazy Horse, Jack Johnson, and the Pirate Queen) and more. This podcast is about overcoming adversity. As a historian we also touched upon how women have been left out of the pages of history books. In the words of Crazy Horse "Hokahey." Enjoy the podcast.

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