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Giving you the tools to turn your dream into reality

A multi-media agency promoting
 diversity, women, dreams, and social impact.



The podcast centers around what it takes to achieve your dreams. Discussions are about diversity, entrepreneurism, social impact, tech, women, STE(A)M, funding, and sustainability.  

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Creative agency

Dream Nation consists of a podcast, talk show, and an ad agency with a mission to promote women & diversity projects. Our vision is to create Social Impact in the world.


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Episode 14 is out now


Pauline Black: Author, Actress, and Singer of The Selecter. 

Check out the interview with Pauline Black. She is an author, actress, and lead singer of 2 Tone Ska revival band The Selecter from Coventry, England. The racially diverse band led by a female singer originally formed in 1979 and have been creating conscious music ever since. Pauline talks about the business of running a band, 2Tone culture, racial unity, how people can come together through music. We also talk about their new album Daylight.  The name refers to the sun rising and chasing away the dark, it also refers to the fact that sun will always rise. Even if we blow ourselves up in a nuclear apocalypse. The sun will rise.


Featured episodes 2017


Israel Horovitz: Playwright

Israel Horovitz is a playwright, director, screenwriter, and actor. He is the most produced American playwright in French Theatre history. You might also know him as the father of Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys. 


Heather Fink: DIRECTOR

Heather Fink is a Director with a comedy background which she honed performing standup, sketch, and improv. She went through the NYU Grad Film Program and just completed first comedy feature "Inside You."

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