We help brands amplify positive frequencies

Dream Nation is a media company consisting of a creative agency and a podcast

Our mission is to bring to life conversations around diversity, women-led ideas, and social impact. We empower brands to create positive impressions in the minds of consumers. Shifting brand perceptions and amplifying diverse voices to create impact. 


About Yulia

Yulia is a Creative Director with a love of storytelling, social impact, and tech. A champion of women and diversity-led ideas, Yulia is a global citizen whose career is as diverse as her background.

For the last 10 years she's worked as a Creative Director at NYC ad agencies on digital and 360 campaigns. She also works with Prehype, helping Fortune 500 companies launch startups. A member of SAG/Aftra she studies on camera with Bob Krakower and does improv at UCB.

In '99, she co-founded her first tech startup artsymag.com, which paved the way for artsy.net. Recently Yulia was also the Co-Founder of Fund Dreamer. A global crowdfunding platform for Social Impact, promoting women and diversity-led ideas. 


About Inna

Inna is an Experience Architect, Market Researcher and Strategy Director passionate about nutrition, tech and travel.

An entrepreneur with a career that continues to bring impactful strategy to any initiative.

She started her career in the arts and Psychology and transitioned to the business in 2011 after receiving her MBA in the UK. 

Inna founded Small Meet Large, a strategy consultancy focused on mobilizing smart ideas, from small to large, through actionable strategy and experience design, as well as TBA, an experiential agency focused on transforming brands through the art experience platform.