Steph Koyfman: Journalist/Founder of The Daily Hunch.

Steph Koyfman is the CEO/Founder of The Daily Hunch. An astrology platform that delivers personalized horoscopes in a daily, weekly, or monthly email. What makes this platform disruptive for the world of Astrology, is that it's subscription based. Steph developed a platform that uses a custom algorithm to create meaningful insights, tailored to your personal birth details and transits. 


The Daily Hunch: What I've really focused on is creating a much nicer User Experience. One that was more visually appealing and modern. Beyond that, it's the writing style. People go to certain Astrologers because of the way they like how they break things down. If people enjoy following me on social media, they will enjoy hearing what else I have to say about the specific things happening in their lives.

Yulia: Did you know that Nancy Regan had a personal Astrologer at the White House? She used Joan Quigley. After the assassination attempt she tried to keep him safe. She consulted with her about when Air Force One was going to land. When PR Conferences were supposed to happen. She was really involved in the White House which was surreal.