Savannah Em: Illustrator and MMA Fighter with One Championship.


Savannah Em is a MMA Fighter. What makes her unique is not the fact that she's won her first two fights through knockouts. Or that her first One Championship fight was won in 81 seconds. It's the fact that this quite, shy, Illustrator can get in the ring and perform like a true warrior. Savannah is cute and deadly at the same time. Kinda like her "savage buddha" illustration. On the show we talk about her training routine, using viking music as motivation, and how she went from markers to MMA. She is also the girlfriend of Daniele Bolelli who was on the podcast earlier this year. As soon as I learned about Savannah, I knew I had to make the podcast a family affair. Daniele encouraged Savannah to take up martial arts since he's big into them as well. Now Savannah Em is a new face in the MMA. The two are literally a power couple. Expect more great fights from this champion.