Jamal Hodge: Filmmaker, writer, director, producer.


Jamal Hodge is a filmmaker, writer, director, producer. On the show today we talk about pain, identity, hope, and power. In his films Hodge strives to use darkness to show light in order to show the full breadth of humanity.

Jamal's mission is to create genre films with characters of color in leading roles. He enjoys tackling social taboos. His history of mentoring youth in underprivileged communities speaks to his depth of character and his work abroad sheds light on his ability to cross barriers and explore issues that have long remained undiscovered.

His films have been featured in Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Big Apple Film Festival, NYC Horror Festival, Black Star Film Festival, Baltimore Urban World Film Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, and many others.

Outside of the film festival circuit, Hodge has done local and international commercials. Jamal's worked on HBO and Discovery content as an editor, and on the Emmy award winning 'Bullets in the hood' as a cinematographer. An avid believer in education and an advocate for paying it forward, Hodge has also taught filmmaking to literally hundreds of kids from various walks of life, such as Japan's Keio AcademyBig Brothers-Big SistersThe Pro-TV ProgramTRUCEThe COVE, and Mythic Bridge.

Check out his IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0388071/

and visit http://www.directorhodge.com/