Jasmine Trabelsi: Founder of Brand + Culture, consulting in User Experience and Digital Marketing.

Jasmine Trabelsi is the Founder of Brand + Culture. A consultancy for startups looking for help with their User Experience and Digital Marketing. Jasmine started her career as a designer in magazine publishing and fashion advertising before moving to San Francisco in early 2000's. In SF she became a part of the tech scene that was creating the social media platforms of Twitter and Flicker. Already a Facebook user, her expertise for guiding brands with their social media profiles lead to her becoming the voice of Frye Boots and Food.com - a division of the Food Network.   

Let’s go back. I know Jasmine from college when we first created an arts magazine called Artsymag.com. An art publication and platform promoting women artists and writers. 

This podcast talks about how while studying at UMass Amherst we created our first tech platform. Artsy went on to be a hit in the art world. It paved the way for women artists and platforms like Artsy.net.

We were the first. This is our story.