Kash Sree: Creative Director in Advertising.


Kash Sree is a Creative Director in Advertising, on the copy side. He has worked on four continents and one sub continent. You've definitely seen a few of his commercials, too many to name here. Most notably the Tiger Woods hacky sack spot. You can easily google his work so I won't go into it here since it will take up the entire page. He also picked up a Cannes Grand Prix and an Emmy for his work on the Nike “Play” and “Move” campaigns. Kash is known for being able to tap into the human experience when it comes to telling brand stories. We talk about diversity, brands, truth, religion, and dreams. On the show we talk about what makes for great agencies., how to create more diversity in advertising, and Kash shares his advice on being fearlessly creative. This episode is really meta and filled with deep discussions.