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Benita Conde: Life Coach and Founder of Create Radical Love.

“That was purely a belief holding me back. Our thoughts and our feelings are not real. They are ever flowing, and shifting, and changing. They are beautiful, and wonderful, and our imagination obviously creates (and those limiting and lacking beliefs) create a catalyst for us to create change. And for us to move forward. The limiting and lacking beliefs are the key component to keeping people anyone back from what they really desire. That loved, flowing life.”

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Claude Silver: Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media and Gary V’s right hand woman.

People matter. That’s the most important thing. How do we go about making people feel good, and grounded? And that they belong? That’s our job. Then how do we take action on that? That’s what it’s about for me. Listening to people, then forward momentum. Forward motion.

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