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Gia Morón: President of Women Grow.

Cannabis is the first industry, across most industries that had the most women in leadership. Yet those number aren’t strong enough. But it says a lot about where the industry is early on. We as women have stepped forward earlier... So, we look at the legalization of Cannabis, we’re still in the infancy stage. Yes it started out as a male dominated industry, but women have absolutely started fighting the fight earlier. And really speaking up and vocalizing that this will not be a repeated cycle that we’ve seen in other industries. That said, we are beginning to see more women coming into the space. And I think for several reasons. If you are looking at the plant from the medicinal side, women are generally the caregivers of their households... There are a number of women who are in the space that perhaps are not being recognized as leaders. These are the women that are caring for their families, they are caring for the communities, they are Advocates. They are in the forefront, really fighting for patient rights. And then when you look at from the Entrepreneurial side, there are many women who are saying “I opened the door, but I am not going to let it close behind me. And I’m going to help more and more women come up and come through to start building their businesses.I’d like to look at where we’re going, vs how we started out. Since how we started out was somewhat of a repeated behavior and pattern. What I believe we’re seeing is a change on the horizon. Which I hope to see more and more of.

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