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Kevin Arbouet: Director, Writer, Producer.

Kevin started his career as a stunt man and martial arts choreographer. He is a Director, Writer, Producer and the Former Vice President of Lee Daniel’s Entertainment. Kevin’s is focused on expanding the idea of what diversity in filmmaking means. In his own words “It's important to me that the movie industry offers audiences a wide range of diverse voices telling stories.” Our conversation explores who gets to tell stories in the movie industry and the importance of representation in the writers room.

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Rebecca Crews: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Mother, Wife, Mogul.

A lifelong musician, Rebecca wrote her first song at the age of six. In College she studied Musical Theatre and went on to perform in various productions before starting a gospel group and becoming the music director at her Church. On the show we talk about her new song Destiny and how the term relates to our own individual journey. Rebecca shares her experiences on motherhood, love, faith, being a partner to Terry Crews, and composing music. She even spoke about Drake and the Grammys and we discuss the true meaning of success. Rebecca is also a Minister and this podcast was super inspiring.

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