2018 January | Capricorn



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Happy New Year, hustlers! January begins with a full moon right on the 1st to remind us to pause and appreciate what we've created before diving into our Q1 initiatives. Now that the holiday lull is over and Mercury is no longer retrograde, we can march full steam ahead into 2018. The Jan. 16 new moon in Capricorn will be an ideal occasion to set some lofty business goals for the coming year, and the Aquarius action at the end of the month brings high-tech vibes to the party. The real kicker, though? There's a lunar eclipse on the 31st, which will usher in some swift, dramatic plot twists. Read on for your monthly entrepreneurial forecast.

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Happy birthday, Cap! This year's celebration has extra gravitas behind it, because your ruling planet, Capricorn, just entered your sign for the next three years. Hard-won growth is yours for the taking, so long as you promise to hustle for it. Though this month is largely about you and your goals for the coming year, think hard about any potential partnerships or collaborations that are reaching a moment of gorgeous fruition around the 1st. There's a lot of resourceful activity in your sign happening on the 9th too, so watch out for lucrative revelations around this time. Once Mercury enters your sign on the 11th, newly refocused from its retrograde nonsense, you'll be especially articulate and sharp, even if you get some news that bums you out on the 13th. Once birthday season ends on the 19th, you'll be in fine form to follow through on any new, exciting ideas you had (and more importantly, earn some money for your efforts). Aquarius month could bring some nice paychecks your way, as well as a profitable realization on the 24th. The lunar eclipse on the 31st could be especially interesting from a financial standpoint. Watch your debts, taxes, investments, or shared finances around this date. It's possible you already weathered some big shifts around these themes in 2017, but the story might not be over yet!




You might still be in a half-awake holiday state, but that's okay — this time of the year coincides with your sleepy R&R phase, and you'll be at your most productive when you're napping or going away on a meditation retreat (no joke). Give yourself plenty of room to assess your workflow, service providers, and daily routines on the 1st, though. The full moon could bring a sense of awareness to these themes, and you'll want to make sure your support system is actually supporting you in the coming year. Your modern ruler, Uranus, wakes up from a retrograde on the 2nd, too, so you'll be in better form to realize your weird agenda as it begins to move forward again. Besides, once your birthday season arrives on the 19th, you'll be wide awake and ready to party — as well as launch those initiatives you dreamed up on vacation. Watch out for some mental stress and anxiety on the 28th — it's entirely possible that it's mostly in your head. More importantly, a lunar eclipse in your partnership zone on the 31st could bring you some closure around an important romantic or business partner. Perhaps this relationship has run its course, or it's time to take things to a slightly different level? You'll be the ultimate judge of that, and you'll be in even better form to decide if you're thoroughly rested.




This month kicks off on a somewhat playful, creative note for you. A full moon in your zone of creative output could bring an artistic project to fruition, or perhaps leave you pregnant with interesting ideas you can implement in the coming year. See if your squad's got any leverage to help you out, because January will largely have you focused on the teams, networks, and associations you belong to. You can accomplish more together, Pisces, and sometimes, all it takes is the right message planted in the right Facebook group. Inspirational vibes continue to abound on the 2nd and 3rd, and you might stumble into some useful (and lucrative) intel around the 15th through your network, particularly if it involves some sort of international connection, or even a publishing deal. You might be feeling burnt out by the time the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, so give yourself permission to dream and rest for the remainder of the month. This is your personal season of #showerthoughts, and you'll want to be rested for the events of the lunar eclipse on the 31st, which could usher in some swift changes related to your health, daily routines, employees, service providers, or overall workflow. It might be time to kick someone off your payroll, or perhaps revolutionize the way you go about your business.




 Top-dog Saturn just moved into your career sector last month, and he's here for the next three years. You've got some big shoes to fill, Aries, but you're a naturally competitive sign, and you're probably jazzed for the challenges and opportunities that are coming your way. Use the Jan. 16 new moon as your unofficial launch date or vision-boarding day, and wait til after the 11th to schedule important meetings. People will still be waking up from the holidays until then anyway. You might be in for some interesting surprises around the 2nd, and the eclipse on the 31st could spell the end of a creative project whose time has come. You might learn of hidden financial resources available to you on the 8th, and you'll sweet-talk the best of them on the 9th.




The new year opens with you thinking hard about your principles, or what you stand for as an entrepreneur. The full moon on the 1st could shed some light on how effectively you communicate your values, and it's as fine an occasion as any to draft an impactful social media post. An important, wise, and perhaps deep-pocketed partner might have something important to tell you about these things on the 8th, which sets the stage for some deep digging on the 9th. Once your ruling planet, Venus, and the Sun enter Aquarius (both by the 19th), you'll be fully locked and loaded into your personal career and accomplishment month for the year, so make it count! The eclipse on the 31st could usher in some changes related to your living situation or family life, so you might need to buckle down extra hard to get your work done, but no one can ground themselves quite like you can, Taurus.




Tax season comes early for you this year, as the first three weeks of January will have you focused on all those complex money matters: things like taxes, debts, investments, and so on. With all of that said, you might be celebrating like a baller on the 1st as a full moon in your cash sector highlights all the bacon you brought home in 2017. You might be hit with a bolt of financial inspiration on the 6th (hint: crowdsourcing advice is the way to go today), and after Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Capricorn on the 11th, you'll be in fine form to act on what you've learned. Once the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th (on the same day as an inspirational Mercury/Neptune hookup), you'll be looking to expand your reach globally, take your business overseas, or maybe just get really clear on your mission & values statement. Why do you do what you do, Gemini? The lunar eclipse on the 31st could bring big changes to the way you convey things, so spend some time thinking about how you can embody your values through your spoken and written communications in the new year.



If you're riding solo into the new year (whether in love or in business), expect January to raise the question of a potential partnership. You might be perfectly content doing your own thing as a solo entrepreneur, but what are some creative collaborations you can court in 2018? First, though, make sure to celebrate all your #wins from the year prior on the 1st. A full moon in your sign means it's your day to shine, and you're probably better off launching new partnerships on the new moon, which goes down on the 16th. Once Aquarius season kicks off on the 19th, you'll be asking yourself deeper questions about these people: can I trust them? Can I combine my assets with theirs? Financial matters will vie for your attention at this time, and not just because it's tax season. The full moon eclipse on the 31st could trigger a sudden ending around your possessions, revenue, or self-worth. This doesn't have to mean you'll lose a source of income, Cancer — it could potentially signal a change in the way you appraise your services, which could give you the gumption to raise your rates.




Leos love attention and spectacle, so perhaps it'll thrill you to learn that there's another (yes, another!) eclipse happening in your sign at the end of the month. The Leo/Aquarius eclipses of 2017 probably already brought some big changes your way, and the lunation on the 31st could provoke another exciting plot twist. But first, you'll have some sense of closure thanks to the full moon on the 1st, as well as the lion's share of January to get hyper-organized for the new year and get your bullet journal in order. When Venus and Pluto meet your ruling planet, the Sun, on the 9th, you'll be able to uncover some uber-helpful intel surrounding your workflow and your daily routines. Is your morning meditation practice helping or hurting? If you're just not a morning person, it might be time to think about working smarter, not harder in the new year. Once the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you'll have strategic partnerships on your mind. What kinds of synergies will behoove you to explore this year, Leo?




The new year opens with plenty of cosmic momentum fueling your creative output. This is a particularly inspired and playful time of the year for you, Virgo, and even a pragmatic sign like yours can see the value in putting some of your more out-of-the-box ideas to the test. You'll be especially inspired on the 6th, and you might owe it all to one of your weird, ongoing obsessions. Certain things captivate our attention for a reason, so consider this your go-ahead to explore whatever's calling to you at this time. Try not to let any temporary setback bum you out around the 13th, and get ready to be your usual diligent self once Aquarius season kicks off on the 19th. For the next month, your focus will be on organizing your creative ideas from the previous month and winnowing it down to two or three ideas you can actually see to fruition. You'll have an even clearer sense of the hidden value of your ideas on the 24th, which could set the stage for whatever big moment of closure is heading your way on the 31st. The lunar eclipse is set to give you some major perspective on what worked — and what didn't — in 2017.




You might be hunkered down at the home office in early January, but that's only because you'll be most productive in your little cocoon during this time. Once the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you'll be more inclined to say "yes" to social invitations and play up that strategic business-meets-pleasure talent of yours. You might also be straight-up way too busy, as the full moon in your career sector on the 1st brings a major accomplishment your way — which often comes with added work and responsibilities. The 8th and the 9th promise to be revealing days, particularly where your ancestry is concerned. Is there some hidden resource or asset from your family (or your heritage) that can help you level up in 2018? Other people might behave unpredictably on the 13th, so try not to take things too personally (or worry). Once your ruling planet, Venus, enters Aquarius on the 17th, you'll have the full power of your charm working in your favor, so make sure you get out there and schmooze. The lunar eclipse on the 31st could send some interesting shock waves throughout your larger network too. Perhaps it's time to flock with birds of a different feather, Libra?




People are still shaking off their holiday hangovers, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start catching up on all the emails you missed. For the first three weeks of January, you'll be tweeting up a storm and running all manner of nitty-gritty errands around town. Success is in the small things, Scorp — even if you're hosting lucky Jupiter in your sign all year! Speaking of which, your ruling planet, Mars, meets Jupiter in your sign on the 6th. This is a powerful occasion for a launch date, or maybe just a marathon blue-sky brainstorming session. You'll be feeling especially resourceful on the 8th and 9th, and the new moon on the 16th could signal a fortuitous new contract you'll be entering into. Once the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you might retreat to your home office for the next month to make the most of your legendary work ethic. This will probably quite literally pay off, as your ruling planet, Mars, enters your money zone on the 26th, helping you bring in lots of extra cash. Gird your loins for the lunar eclipse on the 31st, because this one's lighting up your professional world. What kind of recognition or up-leveling is heading your way? What are the weak links in your career chain that are ready to break? It's all happening for your higher good, so get ready.




Early January will find you hustling hard for that money, and between the holiday season and these next couple of weeks, you might find that you more than make up for any lags you experienced in 2017. Besides, a full moon in your tax and debt zone on the 1st could illuminate some potential shortfalls, so strike while the iron is hot! You might be working on something exciting behind the scenes this year, and you'll get a big burst of energy to move your plans ahead on the 6th. Speaking of energy, you'll be at your midnight-oil-burning-best after Mars enters your sign on the 26th. You only experience this energetic peak once every two and a half years, so make the most of it. Another day to watch for is the 15th (think: hidden cash resources that can help you advance your secret project). The new moon on the 16th is great for recommitting yourself to your revenue goals, and once the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you'll have a month to fine-tune your social media strategy and communications (think: how do I convey myself and reach the right customers?). The lunar eclipse on the 31st could bring a swift ending or sudden change to one of your cross-cultural projects, publishing initiatives, or perhaps one of your long-cherished philosophies or values. Growing is evolving, and evolving often requires you to leave certain things behind. Onward and upward, Sag!



Julia Laricheva