2018 February | Aquarius



Hey peeps. Steph of thedailyhunch.com and I are bringing you a monthly horoscope geared to Entrepreneurs! Genius, we know. We're just as excited. Would love to hear how this months column relates to your life and business. Email me at yulia@dreamnation.io and I'll post it or comment on my insta at @dreamnationlove.

How are those enterprising 2018 visions manifesting for you so far? February stands to be an exciting month full of significant developments. This month starts out in the midst of an eclipse sandwich that may have brought a dramatic emotional high-water mark your way in the wake of the Jan. 31 Leo eclipse, and a stimulating, ideas-driven new beginning around Feb. 15 that's yet to come. Read on for your monthly entrepreneurial forecast.

Artwork is by John Alcorn. A great American Illustrator, Artist, Designer. Alcorn designed the opening titles for several Fellini films. Amacord is one of them.




Happy birthday! You're ready to set some goals and tackle some big projects in the upcoming year, and Venus and Mercury are also in your sign as the month begins, making you especially likable and chatty. Get out there and rub elbows, especially if you're still nursing some relationship drama from the Jan. 31 eclipse. The solar eclipse coming up on the 15th will be in your sign, giving you a powerful opportunity to start over. On the 18th, the sun moves into your cash sector, helping you drill down on the tangible benefits of knowing who you really are




You might be feeling the effects of too many all-nighters catching up to you early this month, and the late January eclipse may have forced you to shift some things around in your daily routine to make more time for self-care. The eclipse on the 15th will be great for replacing old, unhealthy habits with meditation and good sleep. Get your beauty rest, because Venus enters your sign on the 10th, making you especially charming and likable among potential collaborators. The sun enters your sign on the 18th, kicking off your birthday month and a brand new cycle of initiatives for the year ahead.




The Leo eclipse may have nipped a stale romance or creative project in the bud for you, but you won't be nursing your wounds for too long. The first half of February will have you focused on a collaborative, team effort, and the solar eclipse on the 15th could bring you a brand new professional network. After the 18th, the sun will be in Pisces, ushering in your annual meditation retreat month. Get some rest and don't push too hard for anything to happen.




Even if last month's lunar eclipse threw a domestic plot twist into the works, you can still make hay in the midst of all this instability (something your sign hates). That's because the first half of this month is all about career, and the solar eclipse on the 15th could usher in a dazzling new opportunity or title at work. Pop the bubbly, and bring the team along, because on the 18th, the sun joins Venus in your teamwork sector, shifting your focus to collaborative efforts and network-building for the next month.




The first half of this month might find you traveling a bunch for work or finessing an exciting international collaboration. Last month's eclipse may have been the final straw for your local scene anyway, and the solar eclipse on the 15th will zap you with a new perspective of some kind, or perhaps motivate you to get some sort of training or certification for your work. On the 17th, your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into Pisces, activating a busy period for your career. The sun follows suit the next day, bringing on a month of big momentum for your brand.



Even if the Jan. 31st eclipse delivered an unwelcome financial surprise to your door, you might also be winning more than ever (aka shedding a limiting belief around your value). The solar eclipse on the 15th will hit your joint bank accounts, investments, debts, or taxes, helping you turn a new leaf financially after the late January shakeup. Just make sure your taxes are in order before you file this year! Once the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you'll have a month to explore a potential digital nomad lifestyle, or join forces with someone who hails from outside your tribe.




The lunar eclipse in your sign in late January may have created some turbulence in your life and your sense of identity. Do you feel like an entirely new person yet? Though your independent vision is dying to come out, the first half of this month puts your relationships and business partners in the limelight, and the eclipse on the 15th might see you turning a new leaf with your co-creator, or hooking up with a new one. Once the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you'll be in a better place to share with others.




February finds you in your element: getting organized and getting on your hustle. However, these eclipses are checking in with you regarding your self-care routines. The Jan. 31 eclipse may help you fix an unhealthy sleep schedule so you can get on your game in top form, and the solar eclipse on the 15th might encourage you to adopt a work schedule or workflow mechanism. Once the sun enters Pisces and your partnership zone on the 18th, you might be able to delegate some of your responsibilities to your partner.




Every hustle has a creative component, and this is where you'll be most effective during the first half of the month (especially on the 15th, when a solar eclipse gives you a eureka moment or divine creative inspiration). Just try not to retreat into isolation if the January eclipse saw you leaving a network you've been a part of for some time. Your ruling planet, Venus, will move into Pisces on the 10th, followed by the sun on the 18th. These next few weeks will be about attending to the nitty-gritty aspects of your day-to-day routine. Creativity is great, but it won't get you off the ground if you can't be organized, too!




You might be cooped up in your home office this month, especially if you're dealing with some big career changes from the Jan. 31st eclipse, which may have blown up your spot in a welcome (or maybe stressful) way. The solar eclipse on the 15th is set to stimulate a move or a development in your family life. Did you put in your notice last month so you could tackle an opportunity in another part of the world? If you're relocating for work, you'll be cosmically supported in your efforts to start over. Once the sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, your efforts will be best suited with creative brainstorming for your next steps.




February finds you fairly busy with errands and short trips to nearby cities for work. The solar eclipse on the 15th could come with opportunities for more domestic travel, or an inspired local effort with your community. Perhaps it's because last month's eclipse spurred some big realizations about your education or company philosophy. Is it time to reframe your venture to be more in accordance with your beliefs, or embark on a new course of training? Did you maybe end an international alliance in favor of a more local one? Once the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you'll have a month to catch your breath at home.




Money's front of mind this month, and your pragmatic self is equipped to make a realistic appraisal of how your bank account's doing. The upcoming eclipse on the 15th could help you turn a new leaf financially, or come up with innovative new ways to budget or earn extra cash. Hopefully, you're celebrating some sort of payoff from the Jan. 31st eclipse, which may have brought a return on investment your way. When the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you'll get the most inspiration from exploring your hood. Will the next step for your hustle mean getting involved with your neighbors in some way?

Julia Laricheva