2018 March | Pisces



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Artwork is by John Alcorn. A great American Illustrator, Artist, Designer. Alcorn designed the opening titles for several Fellini films. Amacord is one of them.

Just when we thought we could take a breather after last month's eclipses, March brings us another Mercury Retrograde (from March 22 through April 15) to screw with our technology. But don't worry — the enterprising Aries energy will still be great for getting things started. We'll just have to look a little harder before we leap.



Happy birthday, Pisces! What inspiring visions are you crafting for this next glorious year of your life? Make your intentions official on the Pisces new moon on the 17th, and give thanks to any partners (romantic or professional) who have made it all possible on the March 1st full moon. Mercury and Venus enter your money zone on the 6th, speeding up the rate of commerce. However, once Mercury begins to backpedal in this part of your chart, your cash situation could get a little loopy. Double-check your balances, rework your budget, and avoid make sure to read the fine print before making any impulsive purchases.




You might need extra R&R throughout early March, so make sure you're tending to your self-care. Mercury and Venus enter your sign on the 6th, however, restoring you to yourself a little and boosting your networking mojo. After your ruling planet Mars moves into your career zone on the 17th, you'll be working hard, playing hard, and getting stuff accomplished as you head into your birthday season. Mercury Retrograde in your sign might feel really in your face, so slow down and take your time — read the fine print, leave early if you have to be somewhere on time, think before you speak, and avoid leaping into action too quickly.




The first couple weeks of March will bring you plenty of collabs and opportunities to grow your network, as well as hustle with Team Taurus. You might reach a big creative milestone around the Virgo full moon on the 1st (maybe thanks to your romantic or business partner, as well as your team). Treat anyone who deserves to be rewarded, and then treat yourself to some rest. After March 20, you'll be in your annual wind-down phase, which will coincide with Mercury Retrograde this year. You're better off not trying to push too hard for things to move forward at this time. Make plenty of time for rest, journaling, and meditation.




Doesn't it feel good in the spotlight? Expect the visibility and career recognition to continue through March 20, and expect things to really "click" around March 2. Something about your workflow or your routines can really boost your output at this time, taking your focus off of the grunt work and helping you channel your energy into the important stuff. Set some ambitious career goals on the Pisces new moon on the 17th, and then get ready to move from "solo project" to "group project" after the 20th. Just watch for miscommunication within your team, and be sure to back up your files ahead of Mercury Retrograde.



You might be clamoring for a change of scenery as March opens, so see if you can't take your work with you on the road. The Virgo full moon on the 1st might see you wrapping up a major writing project, or handing in a "finished draft" of your new style guide for your voice or brand. Spend time on the Pisces new moon on the 17th redefining your company philosophy, and then get ready for a month of career wins as the sun moves into Aries on the 20th. The wins may not be straightforward though, and that's due to Mercury backpedaling through this part of your chart. Don't commit to any major new career plans just yet. Keep waiting for the facts to come in.




With the Virgo full moon bringing things to a head in your financial sector on the 1st, it seems fair to say you might start this month with a wad of extra cash in your pocket. You may have been extremely preoccupied with your taxes for the last couple of weeks, so hopefully it was all worth it. You may be surprised by who steps in to empower you to take more risks around the 11th. After March 20, you'll be eager to skip town and rearrange your perspective. Just brace yourself for Mercury Retrograde's antics by getting to the airport extra early if you can, especially if you can't afford to be late to an important international meeting.




Whatever you've been accomplishing since mid-February, it probably took two to tango. The business partner vibes continue all the way through March 20. Once the sun moves into Aries, you might be having lots of important conversations about your shared finances, debts, or taxes. But first, celebrate any major personal milestones you achieve on the full moon in your sign on the 1st. Just aim to have your taxes filed by March 8 if you can. That's when Mercury enters the shadow phase of its retrograde, and this time, it'll be stirring up commotion in your house of taxes, debts, and investments.




March wants you to get organized, Libra. If you focus on getting your paperwork straightened up, your desk space decluttered, your health routines well-attended to, and your workflow optimized, you'll be flying right. Wellbeing can also translate into cash as lucky vibes flow your way on the 1st. After the sun moves into Aries on the 20th, you'll be focused on partnerships, both romantic and professional. However, smooth sailing is not guaranteed. Mercury will retrograde through this part of your chart, making misunderstandings very possible. Hopefully, the full moon in your sign on the 31st rewards your efforts to "be your best self."




ou might find yourself in the midst of a busy creative streak early this month, so don't be afraid to get playful. Letting loose and having fun can actually be a productive activity for you this month. You might feel inclined to get your life back on track after Mercury and Venus enter Aries on the 6th, with the sun joining on the 20th. Mercury Retrograde in this part of your chart will help you reconsider any work projects, health regimens, routines, workflow systems, and even employees who aren't working out for you. Try to avoid taking decisive steps until April 15 if at all possible.




You'll probably feel more productive at home during the first couple weeks of March, so see if you can't leverage that remote work policy or make your home office a little cozier. Just make sure to celebrate any big promotions or public recognitions that come your way on the 1st. You've earned it, Sag! You'll be feeling more social after Mercury and Venus enter Aries on the 6th, and especially after the sun follows suit on the 20th. With Mercury Retrograde in this part of your chart, focus on wrapping up old creative projects and revisiting old hobbies. You never know where your next inspiration will lie.




March might be super busy with short trips for work, and the Virgo full moon on the 1st might also present an exciting international opportunity for you. Don't be afraid to hole up at home once the sun enters your domestic zone on the 20th. The home office is where it's at, and Mercury Retrograde in this part of your chart might require your attention here anyway — perhaps with things going wrong around the house, or misunderstandings with your family. The good news: action planet Mars enters your industrious sign on the 17th, and the Libra full moon on the 31st could bring a big career win your way.




March is a good money month for you, and you might very well invent a couple new income streams for yourself during the first part of the month. The full moon on the 1st could send a nice fat tax return your way, so hopefully this will ease the pain of Mercury Retrograde. Try to breathe through frustrations with local transportation, and make sure your car's been serviced ahead of time. You might also need to tread carefully when you communicate with others, and definitely avoid signing any contracts if you can. Consider every conversation you have to be a work in progress during this time.


Julia Laricheva